We are now carrying Chickadee Farms organic herbal teas and culinary herbs!

Look for them in the bulk herb section – both in bulk and in 100% recycled paperboard boxes with a cellophane liner (these packaged herbs make great gifts for the holidays and they’re on sale this month). Chickadee Farm Organic Herbs is a small family farm located in Flatbush, north-central Alberta. The farmers at Chickadee strive towards “sustainable organic stewardship of the land in harmony with the forest” that surrounds them. Their farm is powered by the sun (and off-grid), uses filtered rain water for their watering needs, and keeps livestock that graze pastures for their fertilizing needs. All of these details show in the quality of the herbs – what they are producing is by far some of the best dried herbs we’ve ever seen. We currently carry chamomile, red clover, calendula, lemon balm, two tea blends, and a savoury herb blend.

Other recent additions to our bulk herbs include comfrey leaf, dandelion root, and yarrow. We now also carry reusable muslin tea bags to make steeping your loose-leaf herbs even easier. These bags can be used for brewing tea or for infusing herbs into your bath. So, stop by the bulk herb section and see what’s new!