The Dream Cuisine dinner series this spring was a huge success! Overall, we served over 325 exquisite meals drawing from a range of inspiration spanning Europe to Asia.  We want to thank all of our chefs who prepared such fine food: Amy Bockner, Valerie Wernet, Carly Mersereau, Lucy Robinson, Thea Block, and Xuan Ly-Betz.  We’d also like to thank our servers who provided excellent service: Sheena Fayowski, Anne Dzakovic, Clio Forsyth Morissette, Isabel Steigemann, and Immanuel McKenty.  And a special thanks to Sheena and Carly for organizing the series and ensuring everything went smoothly.

We’re cooking up another Dream Cuisine series for the spring of 2019. This fall, we’ll have pizza and beer nights on tap, as well as televised sporting events in the cafe.