Now in its eighth year, Non-GMO Month has more than quadrupled in size. Almost 13,000 retailers have registered to support the Non-GMO Project’s mission of preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers and providing verified non-GMO choices.

The Cortes Natural Food Co-op, along with thousands of stores across North America, are helping the Butterfly land in shopping carts every day. We have a lot to celebrate this October: the Non-GMO Project Verified product count has soared past 43,000; the ever-increasing number of participating retailers means more non-GMO choices for more people; and last year we saw the first ever decrease in genetically modified crop acreage since GMO agriculture was introduced two decades ago.
This year, we are going to make another commitment to Non-GMO Month: on Friday, October 19th, we are going to donate 5% of our sales to the Non-GMO Project. And, in order to give back to our own members, we will give a yellow Non-GMO Month bag to each member who spends more than $100 in one shopping trip that day.

You can help us celebrate by buying Non-GMO all month long!