As we are welcoming back the sun from what felt like a long winter for a lot of us, we are given the opportunity to feel back into our spring bodies. We can feel the sun and wind on our skin again and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that the new season brings to us. For many, having a skincare routine can be a grounding self-care ritual this time of year. It also helps to prevent any discomfort felt from increased exposure to sun and wind. Our new skin care products include Badger Damascus Rose Beauty Balm, Saltspring Soapworks Avocado Rosehip Day Cream, Province Apothecary Protecting and Restoring Face Balm, and St. Francis Night Oil.

Badger’s Rose Beauty Balm is listed for all skin types, is easily absorbed and great for your face, neck, and hands. The ingredients are very simple and are 100% Certified Organic. The Avocado Rosehip Cream is a light day cream, also listed for all skin types. It is made and packaged on Salt Spring Island. Province Apothecary’s Protecting Balm is great for dry skin and alleviates chapping, cracking and roughness for folks who might be out in the elements a bit more often. Province Apothecary is located in Toronto and their products are made of simple, natural ingredients. St Francis Night Oil contains very high levels of important antioxidants, including several forms of vitamin E and is rich in fatty acids and natural emollients. It also contains simple, organic ingredients. St Francis products are made in Ontario and the company uses a whole plant approach in their formulations.

Example care routine: Try using Province Apothecary’s Rose & Geranium Toner followed by their Rejuvenating and Hydrating Face Serum. Before bed, apply St Francis Night Oil. Enjoy the smell of the face serum and the feel of your face the morning after you use the Night Oil. A different combination of products will work well for each individual and we have a growing selection at the Co-op.