At this time, the Co-op does not have a policy making the wearing of masks mandatory while shopping at the store or visiting the cafe. However, we would like to remind our customers that wearing a face mask is a kind and effective way to help keep everyone safe! Scientists and doctors are now encouraging the widespread use of face masks in public spaces as new research emerges identifying airborne transmission as the dominant route of interhuman spread of COVID-19. Studies on the effectiveness of different types of masks, including N95, surgical masks, and loose fitting fabric masks, are consistently showing good results, with all types of face coverings blocking and filtering particles to some degree. The bottom line is that any mask that covers the nose and mouth will be of benefit. 

Let’s all do our best to actively practice the “Three W’s to ward off COVID-19:” wearing a mask, washing your hands, and watching your distance. 

Here are some helpful articles & links to research regarding the effectiveness of face coverings at preventing the spread of COVID-19: