Same delicious wraps... naked!
Unwrapped Wraps at the Co-op

We are changing the beat in the Coop cafe/kitchen.

Coming by for a wrap to stay? Want a plate? Want to avoid the foil wrapping? We have started leaving some wraps unwrapped so you can enjoy your wrap, wrap-less. Tired of reading the word wrap? Don’t worry we can explore what is inside the wrap!


This is the good old vegetarian breakfast… well, you know what it’s in, so we don’t need to mention the word again! With beans, eggs, cheese, fresh salsa, guac sauce, sautéed veg and spinach, it might not make you as strong as Popeye but it’ll keep you going till lunch.


Okay, all silliness aside this decision to unwrap the wrap was made to reduce the amount of waste we produce. This can be hard in the kitchen business where landfill rules. We are lucky to already have: a compost system in place to keep food scraps out of landfill and to be able to split bulk orders with the store to cut back on packaging. The next step is reducing the landfill footprint of our food packaging. Got ideas? Leave them in the suggestion box in the café! Keep an eye out for something in mason jars…

Thea (Kitchen Supervisor)