Over the past few months, the bakery has had the pleasure of baking with beautiful heritage grains from Vancouver Island miller True Grain. Their flours are organic, grown in BC, non-hybridized, and stone milled at low temperatures to preserve the flavour and nutrition of each kernel; it is a process which respects the food and the farmer every step of the way. Our switch to exclusively BC-grown grains has not only (dramatically!) decreased the miles between where our flour is grown and where it is consumed, but has increased the flavour and texture of our breads in equal measure. Each day we have delicious sourdough loaves available in the store:  100% Rye (with sprouted Rye and Barley), Heritage Grain (Emmer and Spelt), Whole Wheat, and a daily special with Khorasan. Thank you to the folks at True Grain for their dedication to such magnificent flour!