Having settled comfortably into our beautiful new bakery, I would like to extend an enormous thank-you to everyone who helped us in our expansion. Thank you to our mystery donor; to Johann and John for readying the floors and walls; to Chris for installing all of our plumbing and equipment; to Aaron and Greg for hauling our oven and refrigeration, and to Charles, Steven, and Sheena for helping to shimmy the oven (just barely!) through the doors. Thank you to Eric for your endless encouragement and willingness to handle the logistics, and to the Board for giving our ambitious idea the go-ahead. Thank you to our members and customers who support us throughout the year, without whom we would have no reason to bake. A very special thank-you to our bakers, whose appetite for early mornings and tolerance for upheaval ensured that the transition went as smoothly as possible. Thank you, thank you, to all!

Carly Mersereau (Head Baker)