We’ve had a breakthrough!  Literally!

Have you ever decided not to go down the first aisle for coffee because you had to squeeze by someone picking out a chocolate bar and there was no way you’d get by that pack of kids at the ice cream freezer on the other end? Well, fear no more! We opened up a small walkway half way down the aisle so you can slip in and slip out from the other side. You don’t have to commit to a 30-foot stroll by entering that first aisle anymore – you can make a quick escape once you pass the coffee!

And, we didn’t have to get rid of the chocolate bars either – they’re next to the dairy section now. 

In fact, we rearranged so that we didn’t have to get rid of any products and we’re adding something new and exciting in the next couple months. Our members have asked for this for years and I’ll give you a couple hints:  it will come in bulk (bring your own container) and it rhymes with dope (but it isn’t dope because only the government gets to sell that).