This summer we have introduced two new seasonal drinks to our menu!

We are now serving cold brew coffee and lavender lemonade.

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coarsely ground beans over night.  This method extracts the caffeine in the beans without extracting other constituents.  This results in a smooth coffee flavour that is less acidic, allowing coffee’s other flavours to be more easily detected.  This extraction is especially delicious for iced coffee!

Our lemonade is made in-house with fresh-squeezed lemons, organic lemon juice, locally grown lavender, and cane sugar.  Folks love this refreshing summer drink!

Other ways to beat the heat include our iced lattes, iced americanos, yummy organic juices, sparkling waters of various sizes, and our great selection of BC beer and ciders.

Sweet little pollinators keeping our lavender supply going.