How long have you been working at the Co-op?  I have been working at the Co-op since mid-October.

What are your roles at the Co-op?  As a till staff member, my role at the Co-op is to make sure those who come into the store feel welcomed and safe and are able to find the things they need. To me, this means coming to work with an openness to others’ needs and a genuine warmth. It also means keeping an eye on the storefront to make sure shelves are well stocked and items are easy to see.

What do you like most about working at the Co-op?  I like connecting with the community of people that come through the store. Oh, and Clio’s DJ skills.

What are your other interests or hobbies or work?  I love cooking. My other interests revolve around connecting with nature and people. This expresses itself through an interest in gardening/food production, a love of backcountry bushwacking and hiking and enjoying many forms of group and individual meditation.

What’s your favourite product at the Co-op?  My favourite product is Gary Block’s Candied Salmon, a pleasure I never feel guilty about.