The weather has been quite unpredictable in the last little while here on Cortes Island, never knowing what we might get from one day to another: sunshine, rain or another storm moving through. It has felt a bit like this at our store since the beginning of Spring with more than half of our staff leaving for various reasons.

It has left us quite short staffed and wondering how we could possibly fill the many open shifts. Yet it was amazing how current staff, new staff, staff from other departments, our manager and even some who had already left were willing to step in to keep our store open. I would like to express my gratitude to all who have been helping out at this time and given more than they had to, and to everyone who has contributed to our Coop in so many different ways over time. Thanks to everyone and a warm welcome to our new store clerks Jason and Gina. We are so happy to have you on our team. And if you happen to know someone who would love to be part of our team, we are still looking for one more person, as well as extra staff for our busy summer season.


Meet Gina – one of our new store clerks!