The bakery is pleased to present our spring bread schedule, featuring longtime favourites and a few new sourdough loaves. We continue to bake bread and pastry seven days a week, so come by and take your pick!

The new schedule will begin on Monday, May 3rd.

  • Our sourdough breads are naturally leavened with a 100% whole wheat starter.
  • All of our breads are made with organic grains. Heritage flours (spelt, emmer, khorasan, red fife, red spring, einkorn, rye) are milled from organic BC grains by True Grain on Vancouver Island.
  • We work with wild yeasts and with our hands! Please allow for some grace in baking times.
  • Our gluten free products are not produced in an entirely gluten free environment.
  • Demand is dynamic! This schedule may shift and change with the seasons; we will endeavour to keep everyone apprised of changes in availability or ingredients.