We have added two seasonal drinks to our menu at the Cafe. Get snuggly with these spicy and delicious wintery concoctions.

Pumpkin Spice Latte (8oz – $3.25, 12oz – $4.00, 16oz – $4.75)

Organic pumpkin puree combines with pumpkin pie spices and vanilla in this sweet treat. Choose milk, regular or organic, or a milk alternative – cashew or soy –  to add to our house-made pumpkin syrup, top with optional whipped cream and maple syrup, et voila -pumpkin pie in a cup! Completely gluten-free. Need more oomph? Add a shot or two of espresso.  ($0.75)

Roasted Dandelion Root Latte (8oz – $3.50, 12oz – $4.00, 16oz – $4.50)

An earthy caffeine- & sugar-free alternative. Organic roasted dandelion root tea is topped with steamed milk (or alternative) for a latte that your liver will love. Want a hint of sweetness? Add hazelnut syrup, or maple, vanilla or caramel, if you prefer.