Beginning March 1st, annual operation fees are due for all memberships. Paying the fee allows you to access the following benefits:

  • Pre-Orders. Discounts on bulk or case quantities ordered ahead of time.
  • Member Specials. We have great specials just for members every month.
  • Charge Account. Receive a $50 credit on your account so you don’t have to bring cash or cards.

All members continue to receive benefits through March 31st. After that, the benefits won’t be available to you until your $20 fee is paid. Remember all the other benefits from shopping at the Co-op like:

  • We are community owned. Businesses need capital, and co-ops get it from the small, local investors who believe in what we do.
  • We are building a sustainable food economy. Nobody works with as many local suppliers or carries as many organic products on the island as the Co-op.
  • We keep the money local. A dollar spent at local independent businesses generates at least three times more direct local economic benefit than one spent at a chain store.

Each year we usually collect about $7,000 in members fees and devote the money to a specific project that will provide for a better staff environment. This year, we are planning for an expansion of the store walk-in cooler so that staff don’t have to move around several bins to reach the shelves during the busy summer. It will also allow us to stock more so we’re less likely to run out of dairy and produce. Thanks for your continued support!