We are happy to announce that we are making the catalogs from our main suppliers available on the public computer in the store. We know that searching through the paper catalogs can be tedious, so we were looking for a way to make them available and searchable on a computer. However, we faced some technical challenges because the catalogs aren’t supposed to leave the building or be shared with the general public. We came up with a solution that protects the files but allows them to be used on just one computer, and now you can use them.

We are making the following common catalogs available: Horizon, PSC, UNFI, and Left Coast. We are planning to keep these catalogs much more up-to-date; we receive updates as often as every month but generally get the paper versions only once or twice a year. We have posted instructions for using the catalogs in a binder next to the computer, and you can always ask the store clerk for assistance. You can definitely find what you’re looking for much faster this way!