At the Co-op, we’re always trying to improve, and one project that’s been in the works for years has come to be! At the far end of the produce display cooler, we had a variety of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit available in little plastic bags; we called this “repack” because the products were repacked by a staff member into the bags. Because of a fortunate Craigslist find, we picked up a full set of bulk bins for $200 instead of $5,000, and off we go!

It took a full day for the installation and swap, but the result is marvelous. We expect this new arrangement to benefit both people and environment; it will save staff time and give members more choice about how much product they buy, AND it should prevent a lot of plastic bags from going into the waste stream. We still have plastic bags available for bulk, but we also have reusable (cloth) bags for sale as well as paper bags available, so you can make the choice.

We are open to your feedback about our products and services. Let us know what you think!