The Co-op has a meeting room located at the back of the building. We decided to offer this room for rent to other community organizations and events looking for a professional space for meetings and presentations.

Consider the following amenities:

  • Convenient location – Manson’s Landing
  • Easy access – no key required – just a punch code
  • Parking – available on either side of the building
  • Internet access – wired or wireless
  • Computer – for quick Internet access and printing
  • Camera and speakers – attached to the computer for video conferencing
  • Printer – multi-function printer/copier/scanner with colour
  • Projector – can be set up with screen and cables
  • Tables and chairs – COVID-19 protocols allow 8 people at a time right now
  • Wall space – for posting large posters, etc.
  • White board – nice and big with markers
  • Phone – cordless phone for quick calls
  • Kitchen amenities – small refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and tea kettle in next room
  • Washroom – toilet and sink in next room
  • COVID-19 protocols – handwashing available, hand sanitizer available, opening windows

You can rent the entire room or, if you’re looking for an office space, you can rent just for that too!

  • Meeting Room – no commitment / $15 per hour
  • Meeting Room – commitment of 9 meetings per year / $12 per hour
  • Office Desk – no commitment $12 half day (4 hours) / $18 full day
  • Office Desk – commitment of 14 days for one month / $8 half day (4 hours) / $12 full day

All amenities are included in the price except for printing. Price includes up to 10 printed pages per day; extra pages cost more. This room is adjacent to our staff room and has a door for privacy. It has good lighting along with two windows that can open. It is well-insulated with its own electric heat.

We are working on an online schedule for the room; in the meantime, email Eric for availability and booking.