Calendula is an edible and medicinal plant with strong healing benefits. It is antifungal and antimicrobial, speeds healing, and can be very beneficial to the digestive system. We have a variety of calendula products here at the Co-op.  Our dried calendula flowers in our bulk herb collection can be used in teas, oils, salves, and baths. The calendula that we carry is sourced directly from Chickadee Farm Organic Herbs, a family-run, off-grid farm in Alberta. Calendula tea is uplifting, immune boosting, and soothes and repairs digestive tissue (which can be especially helpful after an infection due to its wound-healing and antimicrobial properties). Calendula salves can be used to treat rashes and minor cuts and burns.

If you aren’t able to make your own, we carry calendula salves from St. Francis Herb Farm, a company from Ontario that produces consistently high quality herbal medicines. And, because it is so gentle and soothing, this plant can be used in salves and oils for babies, which we carry too.  Calendula can be added to foot baths, sitz baths, and other soaks for its healing, antifungal, and soothing effects.  

Along with calendula, we carry a variety of other high-quality herbs and products from both Chickadee Farm and St. Francis. Look for them in our bulk herb and spice section or on our Wellness shelves near the front of the store.

Calendula should not be used internally by folks who are pregnant or have extreme allergies to other plants in the asteraceae family (such as ragweed or chamomile). As always, consult a healthcare professional if you are experiencing any serious health issues.

A row of calendula showing off it’s beautiful colours at Chickadee Farm