The CNFC Board is getting ready to finalize the plans for the next stage of improvements to the courtyard.  Back in the fall, we were offered a matching funds donation by Twin Island Holdings for $5,000.  And I am happy to announce that we are only $300 awayfrom raising our share.  If you or anyone you know is able to pitch in a bit more, we can get the work underway and completed before summer.

Another thing I’d like your help with is the final design.  The drawing shown here hung in the Co-op for a few months last year, and it will be the template for creating the terraces on the bank and a new entrance at the south end that will replace the current stairs.

Another important addition will be a wheelchair/stroller ramp accessing the store’s front entrance.  You may have noticed that most of the old fence has already been removed, and there is a large pile of rocks next to the driveway thanks to some of you!

The Land Committee will be collecting the last of your suggestions by March 9th so that we can get things rolling by March 15th. Please take a moment to send us an email.

Thanks on behalf of the Coop Board,
Amy Robertson