The Co-op deli kitchen is recalibrating for the busy months ahead! 

This last year has required each of us to exercise our adaptability, and taught us to embrace the changes necessary to maintaining our wellness. Our Co-op has evolved, our spaces have shifted, and we have developed a host of new practices to keep everyone safe. And so, we adjust again. With a changing availability of produce and of staff, the kitchen is creating a gorgeous new menu. 

Keep an eye out for fresh new salads, wraps, and sandwiches that push organic BC produce into the spotlight. We will lean into the bounty of the summer, work hand-in-hand with the bakery, and deliver some delicious food along the way. 

We will post a weekly schedule so you know what to expect, and when to look forward to your favourites. Demand is dynamic! We will endeavour to keep everyone apprised of changes as they come along. 

Thank you for your continued support, your engagement in our community Co-op, and your love of good food.