We’re off to a quick start with the bakery expansion. In January, we asked Johann – who happens to be our baker Rochelle’s husband – to install new vinyl tile flooring, and he did a fine job! We also asked Paul from Island Hopper Electrical to prepare the electrical service in the room, and he ended up cleaning up and rationalizing the wiring throughout the basement. Paul will be back in February for the second phase of the upgrades, and we recommend him highly for any electrical work you might need.

We have preliminary approval from the Vancouver Island Health Authority for our floor plan and equipment, and we have already bought the three biggest pieces of equipment: a double oven plus proofer, a reach-in freezer, and a reach-in refrigerator. We are also picking up the small equipment (e.g., a used mixer and a new hot water tank), and we expect the plumbing and propane work to begin soon – performed by outstanding island tradesman, Chris Walker.

By the end of February, we expect most of the equipment to be in place and we intend to start production by the end of March. Watch our Facebook page for more pictures as the work proceeds.