The CNFC is a local retail store that is owned and operated by its members. When you purchase your share and pay your annual operations fee, you become a part owner of the Co-op.

As a member, you will be entitled to:One Happy Member

  • vote at our AGM held once a year after February
  • serve on the Board of Directors
  • purchase items that are on special
  • pre-order goods in bulk at lower cost
  • set-up a pre-pay account for no cash/card shopping
  • submit your name into our bi-monthly draw
  • be happy like this member here . . .


The other benefits of being a member and shopping at the Co-op are:
  • We are community owned: businesses need capital and co-ops get it from thousands of small, local investors who believe in what we do. The investors are our members!
  • We are helping to build a sustainable food economy: nobody works with as many local suppliers or carries as many organic products on the island as the Co-op.
  • We keep the money local: a dollar spent at a local independent business (like the Co-op) generates at least three times more direct local economic benefit than one spent at a chain store in town.

To become a member, read & print our membership package and return the last page completed to the Co-op with $40 in cash or check.

We welcome you to join the movement toward a healthier planet. Become a member today!