SoFresh Unsweetened Nut Milk (946ml)


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SoFresh Cashew Unsweetened Original is smooth and delectable on its own but, for a taste-maker like you, there are mountains of delightful possibilities. Invite SoFresh Cashew to tea and talk about its boost of calcium, minerals and vitamins. 35 calories per serving (which you’ll burn off in a few high-fives).

SoFresh Oat is made with Canadian whole grain gluten free oats and is dairy, gluten and carrageenan-free. Smooth and creamy, it’s the tastiest way to get your serving of oats and heart healthy fibre— in each glass, smoothie, cereal bowl or coffee.

Unsweetened Original is naturally and delightfully sweet and makes for a loving companion in smoothies and hot drink creations. You will fall in love.



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