Salt Spring Coffee Holiday Blend (400g)

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The holidays are a time for tradition—and Holiday Blend is one of our favourites. Every fall, we handpick our favourite organic and fair trade coffees from around the world and blend them to create a seasonal coffee we call Holiday Blend.

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This year we sourced organic and fairtrade beans from Uganda and Guatemala to create a coffee that captures the magic of the holiday season. Our 2018 Holiday Blend is a rich, bold, well-balanced coffee with a smooth chocolate finish.

Profile: This coffee has a spicy caramel aroma, which then develops into sweet chocolate, nutty and spice notes in the finish. It has a rich velvety body and a pleasant lingering finish.

Recommended Brew Method: Holiday Blend can be brewed using any of your favourite methods. But after trying them all, our coffee team gives the Chemex top marks for highlighting the coffee’s nutty notes and creating a brew that holds up well to cream. Try it at home using our #brewitright video as your guide.