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Any richer, and you’d ask it for a loan. A heavy cup with Burgundian fullness, alive with fruit, smoke, and earth notes.

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The story of Ethical Bean is rooted firmly in place and purpose. In 1999, our cofounders Lloyd and Kim spent most of a year in Guatemala awaiting the adoption of their daughter.

During that time, the couple watched and learned about the country, the coffee, and the people working hard to make a living by growing something we all enjoy. They noticed a large gap between the premium price for coffee at home, and the less than desirable reality of the coffee industry in front of them.

They believed there was a better, more equitable way to work with coffee farmers and their families—and in 2003, Ethical Bean was born.

We’re driven by the belief that fair trade doesn’t have to live on the fringe. Using only 100% Fairtrade Certified and Organic beans, we do our best to live up to the “ethical” in our name—providing a fair wage to the farmers who produce our coffee.

This is the formula you taste in every cup of Ethical Bean. This is what makes us just. better.®

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