Amano Miso (440g)


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On Special: Miso Gen-mai, Miso Shiro White, Miso Mugi

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Genmai Miso (440g) $8.39 (reg. $8.89) / With a subtle nutty flavour, our organic Genmai Miso is handcrafted from organic brown rice, organic soybeans, sea salt, and filtered water.

Shiro Miso (400g) $6.59 (reg. $6.99) / As our lightest and sweetest miso, we’ve spent generations perfecting our handcrafted organic Shiro Miso. From a blend of organic white rice, organic whole soybeans, sea salt and filtered water, it is light in colour with subtle sweet flavours.

Mugi Miso (400g) $7.99 (reg. $8.39)/ Our organic Mugi Miso is handcrafted from organic soybeans, organic pearled barley, water, sea salt and koji.