We’ve got fresh & frozen meat, dairy & alternatives, seasonal produce, bulk grains & legumes, coffee, teas, supplements, sauces, spices, snacks, hot soup, household staples  & whatever else you’re hankering for.


We offer fresh produce directly from local farms and source eco-friendly products as available from the region. Quality and fair prices are key, all aimed at supporting economic and environmental sustainability.


We bring our island’s farmers, foragers and fishers straight to your table! Find the largest selection of local produce; salmon, tuna, prawns and oysters from the sea; naturally raised beef, pork, chicken and eggs; locally roasted organic coffee; wildcrafted herbal tinctures and salves; and a wide assortment of arts and crafts from local artisans.


Taste the difference — Choosing organic is the best way to ensure your food is healthy, wholesome, and free of potentially harmful elements, including GMOs. We always look for high quality organic and natural products and ingredients—and you’ll know by the flavour.