Cortes Natural Food Co-op Named a Finalist in National Co-op Challenge

The Cortes Natural Food Co-op is the “Heart of the Village” in Manson’s Landing on beautiful Cortes Island, British Columbia. Since 2003, the CNFC has grown from a food-buying club to a natural foods store, from a small office space in the back corner to a store and bakery with espresso bar that occupies approximately 4000 square feet, and from a handful of founding members to more than 750 families. The Co-op has become the place to shop for local, natural, and organic foods on the island!

CNFC VideoThe CNFC is at a critical point in its development because we are about to purchase the land which we occupy. This property is 2.8+ acres in downtown Manson’s Landing and includes a campground and community garden, as well as a hub for affiliated small business partnerships which exist on these premises. All of us on the land want the opportunity to create a co-operative vision for the greater common good of our island community and for our success story to be used as an educational model for other communities.

As one of 24 finalists in The Co-operators National Co-op Challenge, CNFC is reaching out to you to help us develop our vision and to expand it sustainably, ensuring the best and highest use for the land. As a finalist, we have the opportunity to have our vision greatly aided by winning one of the three prizes offered to only three winners in our region: $30,000, $15,000 and $10,000.

The only way that this can happen is if the video we created, “Heart of the Village,” receives enough Facebook votes! So we ask you to get on Facebook as soon as you finish reading this; vote for our video at this link then, most importantly, share that link with all your friends, explaining what we’re doing, why it’s important to you, and how to vote.

You have until November 21st to vote for our video and to share our video far and wide. Please don’t wait! It’s up to YOU to choose a winner! Encourage everyone you know to go out and vote.

You are welcome to visit us at Cortes Natural Food Coop, in real life or on the web, and please, enjoy this video. It was a pleasure to make, and we hope it conveys the twin values of work and celebration that define the uniqueness of Canada’s neighbourhoods.

For further information, please contact:
Eric Hargrave, Cortes Natural Food Co-op @ 250-935-8577
Leonard Sharman, The Co-operators @ 519-767-3937