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Produce Buyer Position Available


The Cortes Natural Food Co-op is looking for a Produce Buyer. This is a year-round position and applicants must commit to working through the summer. Hours vary with the seasons (22-30 hours per week). Duties include ordering, receiving, pricing, training, accounting, stock management, and working with local vendors. Retail experience required; ordering experience preferred. Benefits include competitive pay and a 10% discount on store & cafe purchases. Please bring your resume and/or list of qualifications to the store or send it to eric[at]cortescoop[dot]ca before Wednesday, November 15th.

Position Summary:

The Cortes Natural Food Co-op’s Produce Buyer is responsible for selecting, ordering, and merchandising products to meet sales and margin objectives and for providing excellent customer service to customers, co-workers, and vendors.


• Provides excellent and professional customer service both externally and internally
• Accepts responsibility for monitoring and controlling all costs and expenses within the Produce Department including maintaining proper ordering and inventory control, avoiding out-of-stock or over-stock situations, and limiting shrink
• Accepts responsibility for pricing and margin management
• Makes product selection decisions, including adding new items and discontinuing items; performs orders according to schedule
• Receives and inspects incoming orders, including verifying the accuracy of shipment to the invoice, checking charges/credits/discounts on invoice, assessing any shortages and claims to ensure proper billing, ensuring quality of the products, and processing all pre-orders
• Maintains Produce storage areas, ensuring rotation and organization
• Maintains the orderly and clean appearance of the Produce Department, including merchandising, signs, and tags
• Accepts responsibility for the organization and accuracy of all departmental paperwork and computer files
• Assists in training and coaching store clerks in departmental procedures
• Acts as the buyer for local Produce vendors; maintains positive relations with local vendors and buys based on quality, demand, and price while following Co-op policies
• Knows and follows all policies and procedures specific to the Produce Department
• Assists in inventory counts as necessary
• Knows and promotes Co-op principles and mission; ability to explain membership clearly and efficiently; and ability to follow Co-op work policies and procedures
• Keeps supervisor informed of any ideas and/or issues
• Participates in staff meetings as scheduled
• Performs other duties as assigned


• Proven ability to provide excellent, professional customer service
• Available to work a variety of shifts including evenings and weekends
• Basic knowledge of retail concepts and grocery business
• Ability to lead by example and follow Co-op Produce policies and procedures
• Knowledge of natural and organic foods preferred
• Basic computer skills with standard office programs
• Ability to learn Point-of-Sale software
• Willingness to be open, to learn, and to take on new responsibilities
• Excellent communication, organizational and multitasking skills
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Essential Physical Requirements:

• Standing, walking, bending, sitting, and reaching frequently
• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds repeatedly
• Ability to operate all equipment necessary to perform the job

Work Environment:

Fast-paced retail environment. At times may work with or near moving mechanical parts and in hot/cold climate conditions. Ability to work in moderate and loud noise environments. Some office work as well.

Tired of Your Customer Service Job?


Then we’ve got the job for you! The Cortes Natural Food Co-op is looking for a cleaner who can work independently with a strong attention to detail. Cleaning takes place in the evening or early morning. Position is part-time and year-round. Duties include general cleaning, floor care & waxing, laundry, and special cleaning projects. Experience preferred but not necessary. Benefits include competitive pay, tips, and a 10% discount on store & cafe purchases. Please bring your resume and/or list of qualifications to the store or send it to eric[at]cortescoop[dot]ca before Friday, September 15th.

Cashiers, Bakers, & Baristas!


The Cortes Natural Food Co-op is hiring! We are looking for positive people who have a passion for customer service, have fun while working hard, and want to be an active part in our co-op. Positions are part-time and temporary. Experience preferred but not necessary. Benefits include competitive pay, tips, and a 10% discount on store & cafe purchases. Please bring your resume to the store or send it to Eric (eric (at)

Wanted: Kitchen Supervisor


The Cortes Natural Food Co-op is looking for a Kitchen Supervisor. This is a permanent position and hours vary with the seasons. Duties include cooking, staff supervision, scheduling, ordering, pricing, inventory management, and recipe development. Kitchen experience required; supervisory experience preferred. Benefits include competitive pay, a 10% discount on store & cafe purchases, and tips. Please bring your resume and/or list of qualifications to the store or send it to eric(at) before Friday, January 27th.

Chaisson and Gates at the Cafe on January 11th


Come see up and coming artists Lucas Chaisson and Braden Gates at the Co-op Cafe! Monday, January 11th at 7:00 PM. Both released critically acclaimed new records this year. Telling Time (Chaisson) is nominated for Roots Recording of the Year at the 2015 Western Canadian Music Awards, and Ferris Wheel earned Gates the Roots/Folk Recording of the Year and Male Artist of the Year at the 2015 Edmonton Music Awards. Learn more at and

We are hiring!


We are looking for a Kitchen Supervisor. This is a permanent position and hours vary with the seasons. Duties include cooking, staff supervision, scheduling, ordering, pricing, inventory management, and recipe development. Kitchen experience required; supervisory experience preferred. Benefits include competitive pay and a 10% discount on store and cafe purchases. Please bring your resume and/or list of qualifications to the store or send it to eric[at]cortescoop[dot]ca by February 15th.

FOGON playing the Co-op Cafe


FOGON is playing at the Co-op Cafe on Wednesday, January 22nd at 7:00 PM. They are a three piece folk rock band. Check out their music at

In spanish, FOGON means bonfire. Like a bonfire, the music of FOGON gathers and shares stories and memories. With four albums under their belt, FOGON has involved the work of more than 20 young musicians, explored myriad styles of music, and fostered community at home in Squamish, British Columbia. FOGON started as a dream of one, became the music of many, and continues to inspire their community.

Community Input Session – Land Purchase


Friday, January 10th
4:00 – 7:00 PM
Co-op Cafe

Our membership has stated clearly that the Co-op should buy the land on which we are situated, but many questions remain.

How do we raise the funds for the purchase?
What vision do we hold collectively for the land in the future?
How does the land purchase change the vision for the Co-op as an organization?
Who might our community partners be?
How do we make this initiative sustainable?

We will give a brief summary of the land survey results from the fall, and we’d like to hear from you directly about these questions. So stop by and let us know what you think!

2013 Land Survey Results


Here are the results of the 2013 land survey. Thanks to all who participated! The survey is complete, but if you didn’t fill in the survey or have additional comments for the co-op, we’d like to hear them. Drop your comments in the suggestion box at the store, email them to board [at] cortescoop [dot] ca or send them to Eric at gm [at] cortescoop [dot] ca.

Question 1: Please mark the three things you would most like to see happen on the Co-op land. If your preferred items aren't on this list, feel free to add them in the space below.

Multiple choice answers:
50: Small businesses, workshops, and studios
40: Community garden(s)
32: Public gathering space(s)
30: Affordable housing
13: Campground
Other answers (28):
    A nice, small performance venue would be really cool
    A New Library Building
    Food Storage for locally produced good to be sold throughout the year.
    A garden for families that would live there.
    laundry/shower facilities
    sacred gathering space(non-denominational)
    campground: much needed. Hardware Store
    successful food store!
    year around restaurant
    in order of importance: 1. affordable housing 2. small businesses 3. community gardens
    expand what already exists
    Business below / live above
    Green house, greens, sprouts, spirulina
    campground: short term ONLY!
    Campground temp. as part of affordable housing. Edible garden as part of the landscaping: AN ORCHARD!
    Restaurant with liquor license and flush toilets. Who wants to go out for a meal and have to use a communal outhouse UGH
    A proper outhouse. A bike shop.
    redirected parking
    Community gardens - no. Affordable housing - no. Campground - no. We have an indoor community hall. Public gathering space - outside for summer (seasonal) use.
    structures built for open air outside farmer's market
    Rock climbing wall, gymnastics, martial arts, dance, gym and children in the wintertime. Comercial kitchen use.
    alternative health centre / laundry mat
    NO! Let's keep noise in neighbourhood down. I like it as it is.
    R.V.Units Storage Lockups
    Chicken Houses
    Solar Aquatics.

Question 2: Should the land be owned solely by the Co-op, or should a new organization be formed to hold and manage the property? The co-op land should be:

Multiple choice answers:
38: Owned and managed by the co-op
18: Owned by the co-op and managed by a new organization
5: Owned and managed by a new organization

Question 3: The co-op needs volunteers to help make the vision of a vibrant community space on the co-op land a reality. Please check any of the following areas you are interested in helping with:

Multiple choice answers:
11: Fundraising
11: Gardening and landscaping
8: Construction of waste-water treatment greenhouse and infrastructure
8: Land use planning and design
7: Art, photography, and multimedia documentation for fundraising and outreach
6: Public outreach and communication
4: Organizing and coordination
2: Green energy infrastructure planning

Question 4: Affordable housing is one option for the co-op land that could take many forms. Check the type(s) you think is most appropriate to the land or list your own:

Multiple choice answers:
24: Single family with business studios attached (e.g., cabin with body work studio)
18: Temporary housing (e.g., small cabins with hook-ups for trailers)
13: Single family (e.g., houses or cabins)
12: Multi family building (e.g., apartments)
Other answers (25):
    Tiny Sustainable Homes — maybe a rentals, work trade, a BNB?
    None. The Coop should focus on food, food production and small businesses. Housing is important and critical, however, this type of initiative would overwhelm the institution. Perhaps it is a challenge we can take on once the coop is running a large surplus...
    co-housing model (both private living space and shared space for things that can be shared like laundry/gathering space for some meals/children's play
    I think it is important to think of what type of housing is actually wanted/needed. For example, the 4-plex is very affordable and convenient and yet there are always vacancies because this is not the type of housing that people are looking for.
    I think the land is too small and precious for detached units (permanent) that each need private green space; movable and flexible or compact would be better.
    (slash line through options) - edit.
    row cottages
    in order of importance: 1. single family with business studios 2. multi family building 3. single family 4. temporary housing
    in order of importance: 1. temporary housing 2. single family with business studios 3. multi family building - depends on need, I lean to multi family
    What's manageable for the Co-op?
    No housing This is prime retail space
    This property is too small to really offer an affordable housing solution... make it an economic hub
    How could you get a septic for your affordable housing? Hardware store.
    NO housing options on this land. Housing (affordable) is an important but separate endeavour.
    This is not the venue for this. Keep on track with your 2 businesses.
    keep it as it is.
    We need all of them
    no permanent building. Keep Axel
    I think affordable housing is not appropriate for the Co-op
    No! No! Like it as it is.
    This is a whole other business than food!
    Keep and improve existing facilities, not adding more
    Chicken Houses

Question 5: New business is another option for the co-op land. Check the type you think is most appropriate to the land or list your own:

Multiple choice answers:
34: Repair/Rental (e.g., bike shop)
30: Community Resources (e.g., tool library)
27: Retail (e.g., animal feed store)
20: Services (e.g., alternative healing or body work)
Other answers (18):
    Tool Library
    New Library Building, Bike Shop ... and a Hackerpace!
    Worker-owned, value added food packaging and production.
    Broadly needed community services (i.e. dentist) or social enterprise that would thrive in a "hub" space.
    There are many alternatives that are in keeping with the "Mother" Co-op.
    Hardware and Garden Centre
    cottage industry manufacturing
    Any - all of these sound good
    A year around restaurant open in the winter for us Locals Like the Taka Mika
    in order of importance: 1. retail 2. repair/rental services 3. community resources
    tool library: YES!
    All good
    ANY locally owned that is non-invasive physically or socially.
    Hardware and restaurant. Flush toilets.
    Any business that can help support the Co-op store and the cafe and help pay for the land and septic.
    Tool repair, Handles for tools. Wheelbarrow repairs, basic small equip. repairs.
    courtyard unappealing

Question 6: What are your three favorite things about the co-op?

    The cafe. The people. The community.
    The Cafe, The Cooperative nature of it, and afforadable ORGANIC food.
    1 - We own it! 🙂
    2 - The diversity within the board and staff.
    3 - Kelly - her passion and commitment.
    To be able to buy bulk and the socializing. And that a lot of the products are local.
    provide organic food, community owned/run,
    That we did it ourselves! That we keep dong it! Kelly and Myann!
    diversity, inclusion
    opportunities for local producers
    it's a gathering place for locals
    store products
    Warm, welcoming social environment;
    Local food;
    The Cafe/Bakery
    Nice organization of food items
    A warm hearted staff
    Great organic and local food
    Fabulous bread
    Organic and non-GMO food
    Local products
    Bakery/Coffee shop
    The People
    food I can trust
    a social enterprise
    locally oriented

    best produce on island!
    Claws (the cat)
    Friendly, helpful staff
    Long hours of operations
    Special deals for Co-op members
    And the cats
    Food Choices
    That it's a Co-op
    fresh veggies
    A social place
    Great organic food
    Ethical values
    The bulk option
    The local and co-op ownership
    The support of local producers.
    Product Quality
    Clean well organized store
    Building and land vibe
    Democratic ownership
    Great food
    Friendly staff
    Openness to changing and evolving food into a more healthier level.
    Savory and non-puff pastry baked goods!
    Chinese night!
    Having organic / local food for sale on Cortes!
    Good food at affordable prices
    Being able to order items
    Coffee shop.
    healthy food
    bulk ordering
    friendly place
    Contribution to local food self-sufficiency.
    Organic, affordable
    Community "node" point.
    rude staff except for Kelly. I have been chased away by these employees and now shop at Amped on Quadra.
    That the Co-op exists at all.
    Good quality food centralized in one store.
    Management structure
    Availability of meat/fish products
    Bulk ordering
    Organic GMO free local nourishment!
    The inspiring growth
    The potential! and the people
    Friendly staff.
    Attractive store and cafe.
    Order big bags
    It's in a great location.
    It's a pretty store, thanks to the original vision and workers.
    It has potential.
    Bulk food.
    Being a meeting place.
    Hours of Opening
    Cafe. Could be open on Saturdays also.
    Inclusiveness and open policy to everyone.
    Support for local producers.
    The Co-op is awesome!
    Organic and local food.
    Music and events.

    fresh produce/local
    see #8
    supports local economy
    produce variety / local
    grassroots -keep it real
    good food
    friendly atmosphere
    Organic food
    bulk orders
    helpful staff
    willingness to order products needed
    open to new ideas
    Organic and local
    Place to gather
    Able to buy healthy, local food
    Ability to bulk order
    Love the Cafe and bakery
    The local produce / staff (local)
    Internet acc. / computer
    We like the re-used going on
    most staff friendly
    produce is improving! fresher
    the bakery/cafe
    the welcoming atmosphere
    the staff
    The quality and integrity of products offered.
    Information provided in news letter
    Efficiency and friendliness of Eric, always available
    Great food.
    Great staff.
    Nice cafe.
    Good Prices
    Great selection
    Local food
    Organic meats
    Bakery - best "Latte" next to "Java" hut Camp/River.
    Location is perfect.
    Funky feeling - Building atmosphere
    Good Food
    Good Atmosphere
    Good Location
    Community friendly space, Good vibes, ethical business practices (excluding GMO products).

Question 7: What three things about the co-op most need to be improved?

    Grounds and structures cleaned up (eg. garbage and junk removed), septic dealt with and cafe transitioned to a real cafe rather than "take out".
    Store aesthetics, Cafe hours, and general coldness and inconsistency of experience. You should get a heater in the store in winter.
    1 - Mandated member vote in all major directional changes (constitutionally. Visioning sessions and surveys are great!)
    2 - Shift balance of power- shift more to management and members, opening up space for the Board to focus on strategic growth ideas (engaging) and less on operational objectives (strenuous & tedious). A delegating, collaborative, advisory board.
    3 - Openness - published minutes, regular member updates, open.

    PS - this is not a criticism of current or past boards... only a reflection of what I think is required as the coop enters into its next transition phase. Thank you Board!
    Sometimes a bit more consistency.
    Helpful, service-oriented staff
    democratic community ownership
    store atmosphere
    septic situation/keep looking for ways to keep food as affordable as possible-I cant afford to spend $3.50 on one muffin from the cafe/
    I would LOVE to see the courtyard area made into a beautiful and safe space for children, with more benches, a fence around it (like there used to be) and NO DOGS

    I believe that the co-op store would thrive with more opportunities for collective involvement of staff (through dividends or staff shares, or at least through collaborative strategic planning that is facilitated regularly) It is also important to have a staff liason on the co-op board of directors who has regular contact with the co-op staff.

    I think we should emphasise and encourage the marketing of local products in the store. The craft area should be expanded and local produce should be sold with less retail markup than off-island products. We also are missing a HUGE opportunity in the summer to provide packaged, value added foods from our kitchen for sale in the store, such as: salsa, hummous, fresh pasta, salad dressings, sushi, etc. etc. etc.
    septic system -would like solar aquatics system
    owning the land
    Financial stability and security
    More cafe hours - even an open space BEYOND food-serving hours - a place to gather/sit There is NOWHERE now
    More support/assistance to local growers/producers/crafters/community kitchen
    Not to slip in non-organic products, because ?
    On-line orders via internet for bulk catalogue items and special orders
    ** Customer service oriented front end staff
    Parking access - big hole on right - a live trap!
    Uncomfortable benches
    Some overpriced
    Quality of baked goods - more variety Often a bit dry
    The Chinese dinner recently offered was 1. Ribs were so dry one could hardly chew it. No sauce or glace The chicken wings were not browned no sauce or glace not appealing

    Lower prices would sell more goods in bakery and the store
    need a consistently affordable basic product line
    smoother operating policies - staff manuals etc.
    online preorders?
    The scale
    More efficiency during busy times at the Co-op Cafe
    Relationship with local growers so local produce is more readily available
    Product being in same place. When displays get moved around too much it takes me longer to find what I'm looking for.
    Septic Field
    Handicap Accessibility
    Outside courtyard appearance
    access for the elderly - stairs steep
    Open more in cafe - have an evening spot to go
    Not sure from the outside not knowing any details.

    Board of director development
    Communication with members
    More education and training for staff
    More basic
    More bulk
    Less luxury
    Clear mission re: land deal?
    Customer and member count going up. All Islanders to shop here.
    More local and beyond products (ex. more veges from Van Is.)
    Secret ballot / not show of hands to vote for board
    Cafe sign put up and take down / advertise special events eg Chinese Food/open mic / on the road and doors
    Bakery needs to have LIFE promoting foods that are not pastey, sugary, and denatured for the community.
    Increase fermented foods.
    BULK laundry soaps, oils, bulk body soaps, tamari
    Bathrooms and septic (so there can be a dishwasher for our fabulous cooks/ bakery!)
    Use the downstairs space well
    Think about being worker-owned... instead of community-owned.
    Keep produce moving
    The coffee shop should not be accessed through the store - too easy to leave without paying.
    Check to see if memberships are up to date - renewal date should be fixed.
    produce rotation (it is getting better)
    cleanliness (also getting better)
    economic management
    A serious, thorough look at the products and produce carried; carbon footprint, economic ethics, corporate and standards... where, who, how, etc.
    Customer relations Ditch the rude clerks.
    Customer service has improved - but has some ways to go - more service oriented.
    Consistent, product placement - stop moving product around and having same product in 2-3 areas.
    Freezing meat more quickly. I have bought meat that was off.
    More attention to produce (particularly lettuce, potatoes, onions).
    Not running out of cream.
    Parking - cars need a designated space downtown
    Bike parking preferably under cover and w/place to lock(?)
    Less markup on my tinctures! (heart)
    Tighten up the access to reduce shop-lifting.
    Ensure that local produce is priced lower than imported.
    Does the Co-op need to provide a computer for public use? Does the computer need to be in the doorway between co-op and cafe?
    Avoid nepotism.
    It's pretty obvious / with the new management that - a certain group of people are simply hired and now running the place.
    You need to have a hiring committee from board/separate it. View applications professionally. MANY people have observed this.
    Keeping prices as low as possible.
    How they hire staff.
    Customer service
    There are 2-3 employees that would survive in a competitive atmosphere.
    There needs to be a way to remove employees.
    Land purchase as soon as possible.
    Followed by sanitation upgrades.
    Then everything else!
    Extended hours at the cafe - open EVERY DAY! 🙂
    More vegetarian options at cafe
    More gluten-free options for breakfast and lunch.
    prices too high
    more art, crafts
    worker morale- ?
    Better, more consistent quality of produce. The Gorge far outdoes you quality, they aren't selling wilty worn out vegetables at full price.
    Also reneging lifetime memberships hardly warrants the willingness to volunteer!
    Inside of store repainted
    Back storeroom new floor
    New septic - Solar Aquatics System
    wage disparity
    esthetics - bland
    communication ineffective/generic
    customer service
    produce quality
    Pre ordering protocol for shorted items
    Better playground
    Health and beauty section
    Keep the produce fresh and moving. No one buys a rotten vegie - put out the fresh and sell more.
    Produce that went bad needs to be on sale right away/fruit.
    Consistensy on orders, example: vitamins x children, medicine

    (heart heart heart heart)
    prices too high
    bakery open more
    return to original vision - collective, locally driven, inclusive, NO hierarchy/nepotism
    the septic system
    the prices
    Improvement of variety and character of meals at the cafe
    Confidence around fundraising at the till
    We would like to see this reflected by the staff
    Cafe - how about a small discount for those who bring their own dishes! Throw away dishes are not environmentally conscious and attractive to eat on and with. We go to a place in the desert where you get your coffee for $1 if you bring your own mug!
    Selection and expand bulk foods
    Improve produce quality
    Label GMO's!
    Toilet facility
    Cafe open year-round
    build an awning over part of the outdoor sitting area for rainy-day use of sitting space.
    Cafe menu and amounts of food prepared for lunch
    Staff attitudes - not all!!
    Septic Systems
    Outdoor - Parasols or Awning shading outdoor diners.
    Parking area - Increase.
    Focus and Follow Through
    Wages 🙂
    Prices down
    consistent stock availability
    GMO and non organic products filling up the shelves.

Question 8: What do you feel is most important about the co-op?

Multiple choice answers:
59: Local food and products
48: Organic, non-gmo food
41: Affordability
36: Cafe/bakery
34: Helpful, service-oriented staff
31: Democratic community ownership
27: Store atmosphere and aesthetics

Question 9: Any other comments for the Land Committee or the Co-op board and staff?

    I think the Cortes co-op and the people who keep it going are doing a great thing for the island -- Thanks!
    I think buying the land is a great idea, I think it should be owned and managed by the Co-op to prevent a Frankenstein organization mismanaging it, and I think that you should make it an irresistible cultural hub!
    Thank you to the board and all of the volunteers for all of their hard work! The level of dedication and hard work you put into the coop amazes me!
    It would be nice to have a restaurant again. With a west coast menu. That's where we are after all. A simple menu that would include specials.
    On going training opportunities for board members and staff should be a priority to ensure that the co-op functions well and everyone feels like they are part of an awesome team.
    The membership has made it clear that we want the co-op to purchase the land. Please make it happen!
    If postage was paid so people could just mail without envelope and stamp that would help.

    Question 4: Yes, owned and managed by the Co-op if primarily business on the remainder of the land perhaps - but then Co-op would need to expand mandate to be a business incubator.
    - No owned by the Co-op and managed by a new organization
    - Yes owned and managed by a new organization: a Cortes Land Trust

    Question 5: volunteer - building housing and structures

    Question 8 numbered in decreasing importance:

    1. Cafe/bakery
    2. Store atmosphere
    3. Democratic community ownership
    4. Local food and products
    5. Affordability
    6. Helpful, service-oriented staff
    7. Organic, non-GMO fod
    Question 4. Owned and managed by the Co-op - Definitely

    Question 5. (slash line through options) - edit.

    I think it's VERY important not to go off in many directions or directions that don't relate to the Co-op and its guiding principles.
    Question 4 - land ownership (Co-op/Other) - answer "? no clue"

    FYI some people think the Co-op is only for members - especially visitors. I hear it all the time.
    Question 4 - land ownership Co-op/Other - answer "Keep it Simple"

    Question 8. (most important): improved cafe/bakery; lower prices
    Question 4: owned and managed by a new organization: community land trust with permanent leasehold for CNFC

    Answer 8 in order of importance:
    1. Organic, non-GMO food
    2. Local food and products
    3. Democratic community ownership
    4. Cafe/bakery

    Already am (a member)

    I probably would not be living on Cortes if there were no good food store. The Co-op is important 🙂 Love to you all
    Question 4: Owned and managed by a new organization; new organization should be controlled by membership
    Keep up the good work! (heart) Advertize more for cafe hours and Co-op specials.
    Yes! - I'm interested in becoming a Co-op member

    Leave the housing fiasco to Richard Lawton!
    Possibly available for volunteering where there is need.

    Question 8 in order of importance:
    1. Democratic community ownership
    2. Local food and products
    3. Affordability

    Already a member; Very impressed with what has evolved from a group of volunteers = ten years ago!
    Question 4 - Owned and managed by the Co-op 4 sure!

    Question 8n (what is most important) : All of these
    Already a member:)

    Question 8: most important: Being a strong / good employer on-island
    We are members.

    Question 8 : most important: restaurant
    Question 4: Ownership Co-op/other: I think the board should take a careful look at this question and make an assessment and recommendation.

    Question 8. most important: cafe/bakery - higher percentage of organic ingredients.

    Already a member
    Keep up the good work!
    Get professional. There should be public, available toilets. What mall doesn't have a washroom.

    Question 8: Most important: What helpful staff?

    To the Co-op,
    With the exception of Kelly, who is a model clerk, your staff is rude, unhelpful, disdainful. So now I shop at "Amped on Nutrition" on Quadra. Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Ditch those rude clerks who scare customers away.

    Concerning the land? A restaurant with a liquor license and flush toilets.
    A hardware building supply store.
    Question 8 - Most important: Local food and products are overpriced
    Question 4: Land ownership Co-op/Other: Get a legal opinion about liability. I would not do anything that increases the fragility of the Co-op.
    Question 4: Land ownership Co-op/Other: whatever works best (heart)

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your work every day.
    Question 4: Land ownership Co-op/Other: The community has shown support for the Co-op and the ownership and management of the land should be under the Co-op.
    Question 2: Affordable housing: This should not be an option, interesting how you place it at the top of the form. Work with your 2 businesses that still need attention.

    Let the Regional Director deal with affordable housing issue. - the 72 acres in Whaletown, court ordered sale cheaper than 20 years ago.
    Question 5: Volunteering: I will gladly step up at some point when, it becomes clearer that this is not going to be an elite-group from the Kootneys running the place.

    Question 8: (Helpful, service-oriented staff): This is SO inconsistent - it's good to see that unlike before staff were on the phone all the time for what appeared personal - many times
    There needs to be some bottom lines established that when crossed have consequences. Letters to the employee and on file. 3 strikes and they are out.
    Question 5: Volunteering: Bruce for Green energy infrastructure planning. (from Ginnie): Bruce and I have different opinions on this subject!! I am quite strongly opposed to alternative methods of dealing with waste water. Let's stick to time tested method of septic tank and drain field. Our system, and many others have worked well for years with no problems. Ginnie.

    Question 8: numbered in order of importance:
    1. Local food and products
    2. Helpful, service-oriented staff
    3. Organic, non-GMO food
    4. Cafe/bakery
    5. Affordability
    6. Store atmosphere and aesthetics
    7. Democratic community ownership

    Enclosed is a cheque to go towards land purchase.
    Sorry, already volunteering elsewhere.
    Question 4: Ownership Co-op/Other: focus on running the co-op successfully instead of trying to create a whole bunch of other new projects and offshoots. Isn't a co-op supposed to be non-profit and member-owned!

    If you want volunteers honour your members!

    Fresh bread a real bonus locally.

    You are not affordable anymore.

    I am already a member of 10 years, I have no intention of being expect to pay to become one again. I have been a member with my family ever since you began. And my partner volunteered for 4 or 5 years unloading the truck weekly. Reneging on lifetime memberships after paying for years annually and putting in years of volunteer work since the co-op has begun, has been your 1st and foremost mistake in not maintaining business clientell. You cannot tell members they not longer need to pay membership dues and then start charging them again. I believe this is probably against Co-op rules province wide anyway. YOU SHOULD RECONSIDER THIS. And you should only be charging new members.
    Doing a great job!
    buy the land
    Question 9: become a new member: I thought I already am.
    Question 4: Ownership Co-op/Other: Any privatized involvement might end up in privatized interest.

    Volunteering: I will like to be involved, I have no credentials.

    Keep the IOUs for low income families (heart)

    I am already a member...
    I hope you keep the Co-op 100%, the organization that could manage, if they are better at it should join the Co-op!
    Question 9 (new member): I am one
    hi 🙂
    Question 5: volunteering:

    Land use planning and design: Derek
    Fundraising: Derek
    Green energy and infrastructure planning: Derek
    Construction or waste water treatment: Derek

    Organizing and coordination: Lore
    Public outreach and communication: Lore
    Question 4: Ownership Co-op /Other: Depends on what's best for the Co-op to keep open.

    i am a member.

    Keep doing such a great job! You guys are Great and I like things as they are. (om)
    Question 4: Ownership Co-op/Other: Separate legal entity for liability protection
    membership: we are!
    Ownership: Co-op/Other: MEH.
    Chickens and gardens for Co-op to be able to supply themselves with eggs and fruits and veggies.
    Question 4: Ownership Co-op/Other: As long as decisions can be made promptly...:)

    Yes! I am interested in becoming a Co-op Member.
    How about a biochar heating system that would create good garden soil while sequestering carbon (and earning carbon-credit for the co-op)?