Located on beautiful Cortes Island in British Columbia, the Cortes Natural Food Coop is a grocery store and cafe that is jointly owned by its local consumer, worker, and producer members.

Like all co-operative businesses, the CNFC is democratically controlled by its members. Our Co-op creates and sells quality natural foods.  We use a business model that supports the triple-bottom-line philosophy, taking into consideration profits, people, and the planet.  The Co-op’s profits are put back into the Co-op in the form of equipment purchases, improvements to the facilities, patronage dividends and other services. 

To become a member-owner of the Co-op, members purchase equity and, in return, receive member specials and voting rights. Each member of the Co-op receives one vote, and members elect a Board of Directors to serve as representatives of the ownership.  The Board has up to nine Directors.  The responsibilities of the Board include setting broad policies, planning and decision-making for the future of the Co-op, and hiring and overseeing the General Manager. The General Manager is responsible for managing the operations of the Co-op.  The General Manager hires the rest of the Co-op staff and, with the Supervisor Team, sets operational policies.

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