Co-op Cafe Deluxe Dream Cuisine Dinner

Thursday, November 16th
5:30 or 7:30pm
$33/adult, $20/kids
Reservations required.
Drop by the Co-op to book before Wednesday, November 15th

We’re delighted to host Chef Sujon as she prepares a delectable menu for your enjoyment, featuring local bounty from the sea: The Mermaids’ Feast!

Menu — Tapas Style


Garlic & soya seaweed soup


Drunken mussels with white wine & red onions, with garlic butter bread
Miso chili baked oysters
Clam, rice & kelp stuffed squid
Candied salmon salad with higiki


Agar fruit & red bean on shaved ice


Sujon’s passion for real homegrown/made food springs from her Korean family background: her father, the Northern (of beans and potato); her mother, the Southern-raised (of rice and seafood); and her matriarch grandmother and her missionary influences of baking and noodle making. Making taffy from sugar beets, vats of fish sauce and herbal tonics were part and parcel to building her faith in patience, self-reliance and creative ingenuity.   

With the  Mermaids’ Feast, Sujon brings together the love and respect for her heritage, her cultural manifestation(s) and aspirations celebrating with family and friends. She hopes to share her years as an organic gardener, shellfish farmer and cultural “mis-appropriator,”  cultivating, creating and celebrating food that nurtures well-being and inspires deeper connections with our physical world: the integrity of land and ocean,  the beautiful treasures of Cortes Island, our home.