Hello Members and Friends of the Cortes Natural Food Co-op,

Last autumn, we started raising money for a beautification project of what we call the courtyard, and we already have funds for four new picnic tables!  Now we would like to expand the vision to include a new stage, more outdoor seating for the Cafe, new fencing and steps from the road, with some terracing, landscaping and other special features.

This courtyard area is located between Marnie’s Book Store and the new Educational Gazebo; it is a well-used gathering place, and we want to enhance everybody’s experience in what is the very heart of the grounds around our Co-op. We are asking for some modest financial support to help the project become a reality before the busy summer season.

If we can raise $3,000 quickly with this special fundraising appeal (which is only $20 from 150 people or $50 from 60 people), 3 other members have offered to match it with a generous donation of another $3,000.

Please help us make our goal for this by sending your donation in these ways:

   – Via E-mail or PayPal:  send your donation to gm [at] cortescoop [dot] ca
   – Via Mail:  send you cheque to CNFC, Attn: courtyard fund, Box 390, Mansons Landing V0P 1K0
   – In Store:  stop by the till and use one of the donation cards; pay by cash, cheque, or card

Donation Deadline: MAY 17/2017

See what we are trying to create by viewing the mini courtyard drawing below, or view a larger version on the gate between the store and the cafe.  Thank you for helping support our very own cooperative and, in particular, a lovely area for all to gather. 

Collectively let’s make this happen.

Spring Blessings from CNFC Board:
Philip Wood, Suzanne Fletcher, Fred Savage, Julia Linnay, Amy Robertson, and Michael Landry (not pictured below)

P.S. Please send this page to other friends of the Co-op who may be willing to help.