To make reservations, visit us in the store by Wednesday, April 5th.
See the menu and all details below.

5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
$30/person and $18/kids

Chef Tada Hozumi offers a succulent selection of Japanese specialties
with a local twist.

Kale goma yogoshi (‘soiled’ by sesame seeds):
Raw kale with a dressing of toasted sesame seeds and plum vinegar

Yasai takiawase (Japanese-style braised vegetables):
Vegetables braised in a kelp and shiitake broth

Cortes-don – Smoked salmon marinated in a homemade ‘tare’
(homemade sweet soy-based sauce) served over a bed of rice
Served with tare-soaked pulverized kelp paste, fresh ginger shavings,
salmon skin crackling and, of course, wasabi

Coconut ice cream

Tada Hozumi is a therapist, dancer and Japanese food enthusiast. Cooking is an important part of Tada’s daily routine and sustains his relationship to the motherland. Tada’s approach to Japanese cuisine is a very bluesy mix of traditional home cooking with a Nikkei (Japanese-Canadian) flare.