Chefs Tyler Sparks and Kate Archibald will prepare an exquisite and exotic 3-course
Persian meal that will be served family-style.

To make reservations, visit us in the store by Wednesday, March 22nd.
See the menu and all details below.

5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
$30/person and $18/kids

Mastva Khiar: fresh grated cucumber in thick yogurt with dates and walnuts
Anar Bademjan: grilled eggplant with pomegranate seeds
Nan-e-sangak: leavened flat bread baked on hot pebble
Kuku’ye Sabzi: spring greens frittata/omelet 

Fesenjan – roasted chicken browned and stewed with walnuts,
pomegranate juice and cardmom
Chelou – Fluffy saffron rice

Served with a bubbly Sharbat, made with fresh fruits and assorted mild
and medium spicy pickles on the side.

Pistachio, Honey and Rose Halvah


Tyler Sparks: Mom taught me to cook, then I cooked into my mid-20s. I worked at several youth camps, restaurants, cafes and then also sailed to Singapore on a tall ship as a cook. I have moved onto other work, but I still love cooking, especially trying to bring to life the original spirit of people’s relationship to the food, that is the Old Story behind certain dishes. Last year I discovered this tiny Persian cookbook and fell in love with the Polous and Koreshes among many others. I am no expert, but I love this food.

Kate Archibald: I began learning the cuisines of far-off lands as a teenager working at a very busy little bakery and deli in Port Coquitlam, staffed by a team of Portuguese, Polish, Slovakian, Scottish, Angolan, Spanish and Gujarati bakers and food lovers. I haven’t ever stopped learning, devoting most the last 20 years to the service and profession of feeding people across Canada, internationally and out at sea.